Past Events

Discover Your Destiny

God has unique purposes and plans for your life. Know what they are? Pastor Kristi Graner, Founder and Director of Dare to Believe Ministries , will share keys to unlocking heaven’s potential in you. Don’t miss this powerful workshop!   Kristi will share insights... Read More

18th Annual Ladies Day at the Arboretum

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Need a day away? To relax, have fun and nourish your soul? Join us for a glorious day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to celebrate summer. The Arboretum, named by USA Today as “one of the ten great places to smell the flowers,” is the... Read More

Love in Action: Learning to Pray for Others

Are there people in your life who need more than you can give them?  Your children?  Your spouse?  A friend?  A coworker?   Reach out in prayer and see what happens!  Join us for an exciting, hands-on workshop to learn how to pray for others. Your prayers can offer... Read More

Releasing the Power of the Spirit in Your Life

Do you long to experience the overflow of God’s love? His power? His peace? His joy?  Get to know the Holy Spirit. Join us for a dynamic, hands-on workshop to discover why growing in your understanding of the Holy Spirit is the secret to power-packed living. “If you... Read More

Passing the Baton of Faith

What is the greatest gift you can give your kids & grandkids?  For many of us it’s our faith—a faith that embodies values such as love, joy and integrity and equips them to lead happy, whole lives. But how to do you pass on your faith so that kids can make it... Read More