Board of Directors

Maureen Magnuson


I started as Prayer Ventures’ first administrator in 1995, never suspecting that God would change my ideas about prayer (boring) and take me on a 22 year (and counting) adventure in healing prayer ministry! I feel God’s lavish, overwhelming love flowing through me to people who come to receive prayer from our team. Oh how He loves us!

Kathy Boyes

Executive Director

God started my journey to Prayer Ventures in 2012 at a women’s retreat. I experienced first-hand the rich anointing of this ministry and my time with God has been forever changed! Serving as a prayer minister, I witness the Holy Spirit do amazing healing and restoration in the lives of people. It’s an honor to lead and do the work Jesus called me to for His ministry through Prayer Ventures.

Jane Pooler


I have been blessed to be part of the Board since 2010, serving as Secretary for the past four years. As a prayer ministry team member, I see the Lord working in the lives of His people. It’s a privilege to share the love of Christ with those who do not know Him, and with those seeking healing, faith and trust in the One true God.

David Olson


In 2004, I took the four-week prayer ministry course offered by Prayer Ventures, an organization I had never heard of. As I took my first tentative steps in praying with others, I saw the powerful impact that prayer made in physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Through workshops, seminars, and serving on the Board, I’ve continued to witness God’s transforming and restorative power during prayer. It is humbling and joyous, and reaffirms God’s deep love for all people.

Jon Carlson

Board Member

I had my first experience with Prayer Ventures when I attended a workshop. I am now a member of the Board and I serve as a prayer minister. I once read that prayer warriors are built through (often extreme) suffering.  For some reason I was intrigued, and I told God that I wanted to be one.  I have never sought out suffering but am learning that it changes things… mostly my heart.

Rev. Jonna Fantz

Board Member

I’m an ordained Evangelical Covenant pastor, and in my two decades of ministry I’ve served several churches in the Twin Cities.  My passion is helping people say their next YES to Jesus. One of my favorite things that happens in prayer is when I discern a name to call God and I hear a name He is calling me.

Annette Hawkins

Board Member

I first became involved with Prayer Ventures in 2011 and immediately saw the great things God did through this ministry. I have been a long-term Board member and enjoy being part of the planning committee for the annual women’s event at the Arboretum each June. I also serve as a prayer minister and share with others how spending time in the Word allowed me to personally know the One who changed my life – JESUS!

Tracy Doheny Erickson

Programming Coordinator

I have been part of the Prayer Ventures Staff since October 2011. My passion is to see people become all they’re created to be by finding wholeness through a relationship with our miracle working Creator! I am extremely passionate about the power of our thoughts and how the brain works. I believe that we’re created to find true peace and joy, and that we all must learn to make peace with the deep mysteries of life through our connection to God.