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Eventbrite - Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness with Mary Anne Voelkel

Has someone wronged or hurt you?  Perhaps through an unfair situation at work.  Or a divorce?  A parent’s abuse?  A friend’s betrayal?  Discover how forgiveness can help you break free from bitterness and pain and offer a pathway to true freedom.

Join us for a workshop to learn how to forgive—even those things that seem impossible to forgive.

This workshop is for men and women.  You’ll learn about:

  • the power of forgiveness
  • the hidden costs of unforgiveness
  • what true forgiveness is and isn’t
  • how forgiveness can set you free

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Mary-AnneMary Anne Voelkel will lead the workshop.

Mary Anne is an extraordinary teacher.  She leads retreats and speaks at conferences in North and South America.

She and her husband Jack served as missionaries in Latin America for 40 years.

For 10 years she served as prayer leader for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the Urbana Missionary Convention.



In the 1980s and 90s when Mary Anne lived in Medellin, Colombia, this violent city was known as “the murder capital of the world.”  Mary Anne is pictured here with former assassins and terrorists in a high security prison in Medellin.

The inmates are celebrating the end of a two-week retreat.  Many became new believers and repented and asked forgiveness for their crimes.

“I have been a mercenary for Satan,” one man said, “but not I am a soldier for Jesus Christ!”

Don’t miss this powerful workshop on forgiveness.  Extra bonus: renown keyboardist Billy Steele will lead worship.

No charge for the event, but an offering will be taken.  Suggested donation: $20.  Please register below.  Advance registration helps us plan for handouts and refreshments.