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Eventbrite - Healing Parent Wounds: Making Peace with the Past With Ric Jacobsen

Are you still walking in your parents’ shoes?  Do you struggle with anger?  Perfectionism?  Low self-worth? Often we are not aware that present problems may be rooted in the past.  Sometimes from the way our parents related to us and raised us. This affects how we relate to others: our kids, our spouses, our friends.

Our parents weren’t perfect. If they did not receive the nurture and love they needed in their upbringing, they may not have been able to give these good things to us.  But there is hope!  This powerfully impacting workshop will help you discover how you can get break free from a painful past and set a new course in life.

At this workshop you’ll learn:

    • how past experiences affect present relationships
    • why wounds don’t just heal with time
    • how to embrace life, embark on a healing path and find resolution for past hurts
    • how to pray for others who are struggling with past hurts


Ric Jacobsen and his wifeRic Jacobsen, a spiritual director, pastor, author and former missionary, will lead the workshop.  He has walked many people through inner healing prayer—healing for emotional and spiritual needs. He says, “If you are seeking deeper healing in your own life or want to help a loved one who is struggling with patterns of woundedness, this workshop is for you.”

No charge for the event but a free will offering will be taken.  Please register below.  Advance registration helps us plan for handouts and refreshments.