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Beloved & Broken:
Prayer Ventures’ Story

By Betsy Lee

“We are beloved and we are broken,” it has been said.
“We all need grace.”


Years ago I learned that God’s grace could heal and restore broken lives through the power of prayer—including mine.

In 1989, I attended a workshop on inner healing. I had no idea what inner healing was. I discovered that this was a way God could heal deep heart hurts through prayer, even hurts from long ago.

At the workshop I became aware of my own brokenness—how people had hurt me and how I had hurt others. I experienced God’s forgiveness and love to a depth I had never known before. It changed my life.

As I got in touch with my own brokenness, I became aware of the hidden hurt that other people live with. I wanted to help them experience God’s healing too.

I began to pray with people one-on-one. I led small prayer groups.  Gradually I began to minister to larger groups at first locally, then across the country. The result was always the same: God healed broken hearts and gave people the hope they were looking for.

In 1995, I founded Prayer Ventures to provide teaching, training and resources to help people grow in prayer.

We hosted retreats to give people time away to deepen their relationship with God.  We put on workshops so they could experience the power of prayer and learn how to pray for others.  We trained ministry teams to pray with individuals to help them work through personal struggles and find new freedom and joy in life.

We not only had a passion to see God transform individual lives through prayer, but also churches and communities.

In 2010, we launched the Dream Team Initiative.  Our vision: to see EVERY church in the Twin Cities, regardless of denomination or size, have a trained team to pray for people in need.

God’s call has taken us surprising places.  To Africa, to Mexico, to the UK —even to Hollywood to pray for Christians in the entertainment industry.

In 2005, Prayer Ventures launched a partnership with Alpha, a worldwide ministry that originated in London, England.  We developed resources to strengthen prayer support for Alpha courses in 400 churches in the upper Midwest.

Leading Prayer Ventures has been an amazing journey.  As the ministry has evolved, many talented, gifted and passionate people have contributed to PV’s success. We are grateful to them all.

I believe the best is yet to come.  We are eager for more people to experience the life-changing power of prayer and learn to pray for others.

“When we pray,” says John Ortberg, “evil gets defeated, grace gets released, illness gets healed, sorrows get comforted, faith is born, hope is grown and love triumphs.”  There is no greater adventure than that!