Freedom Series Workshops

The Freedom Series Workshops are designed to help you continue the healing that started in your prayer appointment. Each workshop is a one-day, two-hour training for $10. They are held at our Eden Prairie location at 15832 Venture Lane.

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Change Your Brain

Did you know that you can physically change the structure of your brain by changing your thoughts? According to scientific research, habitual thought patterns create pathways in our brain that leave our thought life on auto-pilot. In her book, “Switch on Your Brain,” Dr. Caroline Leaf shows us how to destroy negative thoughts and replace them with new, healthy thoughts. In this small-group workshop you will see how your life can be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Get Past Your Past

Imagine leaving a parking lot with your car tethered to the ground by a bungy cord. You wouldn’t get too far before the tension on the cord hurled you right back to your parking space! This is how it feels when we get stuck in our past, whether in glory and greatness, flaws and failures, pain inflicted, or pain received. In this small group workshop, you will learn how to break free from your past by putting it reverently in its place – in your rearview mirror!

Absolute Love

Does it feel like there’s wall between you and the power of God’s love for you? Do you wonder if He hears you, sees you, or even cares about you? In this small-group workshop you’ll identify the common BLOCKS of God’s love in your life and create breakthrough OPENINGS to receive all the blessings He has for you. Fully understanding God’s love allows you to trust Him and experience a deeper relationship with Him. You’ll leave with a stronger faith in Him and a greater peace in your life.

Forgive About It!

Are you angry and bitter because of someone’s actions toward you? Do you hold grudges? Unforgiveness can lead to physical ailments, a hardened heart, and also bring toxic, negative thoughts into your mind. This small-group workshop will guide you through the steps of forgiveness to break the chains of resentment. God wants to heal your heart and set you free!

Hearing God’s Voice

Do you long to hear God’s voice? You can! All of us were created with a capacity to hear God. In this interactive workshop you will learn some of the many ways God speaks and you’ll discover the single most important step to be activated in hearing Him. You will come away with practical tips and tools that will equip you to hear God intimately in your own life!