God is at work in the world today! We hope you are encouraged as you read these testimonies from people who have received personal prayer appointments through Prayer Ventures. You can even submit your own testimony.

Freedom from Generational Sin

I knew we were to pray over generational sin and had an idea what issues would be brought up. Of course, God surprised me with more that were buried. Some which applied to my family and my own stubborn rebellion. I left the prayer appointment with such a sense of peace and calmness, a sense that “it was done.” I had a feeling of singing out loud and dancing. Wow! I’m eager to be with my family over Christmas and share with them what I learned. I’ve known for several months that God would be working on my family in a big way and He continues to prove that right.

– Paula

Perfect Peace

The most profound thing I experienced during my prayer appointment was Jesus taking my broken heart and giving me His heart in return. Then He just held me. I felt perfect peace.

– Jon

Breaking Free

For days following my prayer session, I simply spent time trying to get my arms around what happened. I knew it was powerful and good, but it was so beyond what I could have imagined, I needed to just soak in God’s grace and presence. I finally realized that for the first time in as long as I can remember, my heart, mind, spirit and soul were connected. I didn’t even know they were disconnected! I have been able to rest in my Lord’s arms, trusting Him like never before. Shackles have fallen, unholy fear is gone, and new, sweet revelations have occurred. I hear His voice in a new way. In just a few hours with these prayer warriors, God was able to pull out and reveal things that could have taken a lifetime to uncover. Only in heaven will you know how much you’ve impacted my life.

– Julia


I felt helpless not knowing how to forgive myself for a huge sin in my life and release the guilt I had carried for years. The prayer ministers led me through the process, step by step. I felt relief, forgiveness, healing—I felt the love of Jesus through them. When I left the appointment, I felt wonderful, a fullness of God’s love that is hard to describe. I know it was sunny that day, but the sun was rounder and brighter than ever. Colors were more vivid to me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit more strongly than I ever had before. Thank you for this amazing ministry!

– Sarah