Prayer Partner

“Everything that God does He does through prayer,” says Jack Taylor. We believe this! Prayer support is absolutely essential to all ministry endeavors. We are so grateful that a team of 160 people pray regularly for Prayer Ventures. Join the team!

Some prayer partners pray on-site before and during PV events. Others pray off-site for events and prayer ministry appointments. We believe that these events are life-changing because they are bathed in prayer.

Prayer Ministry Opportunities:

Some of our prayer partners are prayer ministers. Trained prayer ministers pray in teams with individuals and couples for personal needs. Anyone in the community can call Prayer Ventures to request an appointment. Prayer appointments are held in PV’s office: 15832 Venture Lane, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. If you are interested in learning more about prayer ministry, we welcome you to sit in on these personal prayer appointments as an intercessor to provide prayer support or as an apprentice with the team.

A small group of faithful intercessors also pray off-site at home or at work for these personal prayer appointments.

For more information, please contact Kathy Boyes –