Prayer Seminars


At Prayer Ventures we have opened up our internal teaching seminars to the public. If you are an active prayer minister, or if you’re feeling a call to prayer ministry, or if you just want to deepen your personal prayer life, these seminars are for YOU! They are held on the Second Tuesday of each Odd Month, from 6:30-9:00 in the Wells Fargo Plaza conference center in Bloomington. Registration fee is $20 per session.

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Physical Healing Prayer

Have you ever doubted God’s power to heal when you pray for the sick? Do you ever read in the Bible about the healing miracles of Jesus and wonder if those stories are relevant today?

When Jesus walked on this earth, he had deep compassion for the sick, so much that He healed everyone who came to him of every kind of disease. In fact, the stories of Jesus and his healings make up 25 percent of the Gospels. When He preached, He didn’t just proclaim the good news of salvation. He demonstrated the fullness of the Gospel message by healing the sick and delivering people. He gave the disciples power and authority to do the same in His name and then He commissioned us all.

Jesus is same yesterday, today, and forever. He is still the God who heals. In addition to laying a biblical foundation for physical healing prayer, this training will equip you to recognize common barriers to seeking God for physical healing, you will learn how to pray for physical healing in alignment with the Bible, how to avoid the pitfalls of physical healing prayer, and how to minister to those whose healing doesn’t come in the way they had hoped and prayed.

Mary is an author, speaker, and pastor of healing prayer, with a passion for helping people encounter God and His goodness in the midst of trials and be empowered and set free to live out their destiny.