Teaching Team


Betsy Lee

Betsy Lee is the founder and president of Prayer Ventures. She has been involved in ministry for 25 years: teaching seminars, training prayer teams and mobilizing whole congregations to pray. Betsy discovered how powerful prayer could be when she launched a prayer ministry to help people who were hurting. She prayed one-on-one for individuals, then she led small prayer groups. Gradually she began to minister to larger groups at first locally, then across the country. The result was always the same: God healed broken hearts and gave people the hope they were looking for.
Betsy founded Prayer Ventures in 1995 to provide teaching, training and resources to help people grow in prayer. Since 1995, thousands of people have experienced personal transformation, healing and empowerment at Prayer Ventures events.

Ministry trips have taken Betsy to London to partner with Alpha, to Africa with Bruce Wilkinson and Walk Through the Bible and to Hollywood to lead prayer for the Hollywood Prayer Network. Betsy is a popular speaker and author of seven books including The Healing Moment, Prayer is a Welcome Place and Legacy of the Blessing with John Trent and Gary Smalley. The Women’s Devotional Bible 2, which has excerpted her work, lists Betsy as “one of Christianity’s most trusted women.”

A versatile communicator, Betsy uses creative Bible teaching, music, drama, audio-visual presentations, prayer and reflection to engage audiences. Her speaking style is warm and personal, rich with real-life illustrations and practical tips from Scripture. She teaches on all aspects of prayer and spiritual growth.

Ann Monikowski

Ann Monikowski is founder of Journey Partner Coaching. Ann is a Certified Life Coach who has worked for over 20 years with individuals seeking change and personal growth. She has been a guest speaker and teacher at numerous local churches. She also has been a retreat leader for Latin American Mission and for a women’s retreat in Monterrey, Mexico.
For 15 years she has provided training and leadership for intercessory teams for local churches and several national and international ministries.

Ann’s favorite topics to teach:

  • Prayer 101 (a 4-week course)
  • Cultivating a Personal Life of Prayer
  • Ways to Stay Connected with Jesus . . . On The Run
  • Intercession: How to Pray for Your Church
  • On-site Intercession
  • Practicum for intercessory prayer (hands-on experience of group intercession and a debrief afterwards)